Introductions | First Draft

Today’s blog-time snack of choice: a cup of tea w/ milk & honey… & a white chocolate, raspberry & coconut cookie (I was feeling decadent. Okay, I may have more than one).

*Steps tentatively into the world of blogging, like a small child attending a new extra-curricular club for the first time – gives awkward, clammy-palmed wave…*


I’m Amy-Jane and here’s my brand new blog! I must admit; this feels rather like buying a new notebook – not wanting to spoil the crisp pages and blot them with scrawly, handwritten rubbish!

I’m going to treat this post as a first draft, but one that I’m happy to share unedited. Because I wish to be authentic because I have approximately 10 minutes until the baby wakes from her nap and blogging will need to cease as, for a little while at least, it will be a strictly ‘nap-time only’ activity.

I do love a challenge! So…

Why am I writing a blog? A few reasons, actually…

  • #1 …I’m writing a Children’s book, blogging should help me to focus (or this is the idea) and keep me writing when I hit a creative bump in the road.
  • #2 …I’m a new mum! My daughter was born during this pandemic nightmare and I have many things I need to say about it.
  • #3 …While pregnant, I noticed a lack of actors-turned-parents discussing their experiences in an accessible, honest way. I fell down an internet rabbit-hole, searching for reassurance that becoming a mum wouldn’t mean waving goodbye to my career. But, other than the odd conversation with my lovely friends who are both actors and parents – the reassurance wasn’t anywhere to be found online. So I will include some of my experiences and, hopefully, someone else in the same position may stumble across my ramblings and find comfort here.
  • #4 …I like to talk. And having spend the last year of my life indoors with a baby (albeit a really, really perfect one) I have found myself craving an outlet for my constant stream of thoughts.

I would love to connect with other creatives – actors, writers, people with shared interests – parents and non-parents – really anyone with a need to shout into the abyss and hear a friendly greeting back! Please subscribe, check in, introduce yourself, comment, share or just say hello! One of the really great lessons I think we’ve all learned throughout this past year is the importance of a good, strong network, friendships, new connections – life is better when it’s shared!

Whatever you do with the rest of your day, make it wonderful as can be (“,)

Thanks for reading – AJ x

Published by amyjaneollies

Mum, Actress, Writer.

3 thoughts on “Introductions | First Draft

  1. I too love to talk! I think this is a wonderful idea and I very much enjoy reading your work AJ. Thank you for your continuous inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome to the blogging scene! We surely need some more positive experiences about being mom’s and still having a career! Hope to read more from you x


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